Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Prices?

The prices vary from car to car and from season to season. You may find the types and the prices for the year 2021 by following this link.

Our Prices

Our prices are determined by each day started. If you pick up the car after 5PM local time, you do not pay for the remainder of that day. Furthermore, if you drop off the car before 9AM local time, you do not pay for the remainder of that day.

What Is Included In The Price?

Unlimited mileage, free delivery, free extra drivers and free child seat as well as a Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) which limits own liability to DKK 1.500 are always included in the price.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

When you go through with the reservation a deposit will be reserved on your credit card. The deposit is DKK 1.500. The reserved amount gives us the possibility to subtract the fee for any additional subsea tunnel trips, a car returned without a full tank, parking tickets, damages and the likes from it, should it be necessary.

In the Faroe Islands we have three subsea tunnels (Vágatunnilin, Norðoyatunnilin and Eysturoyartunnilin) and the fee to drive through either Vágatunnilin and Norðoyatunnilin is DKK 100 (return trip) while driving through Eysturoyartunnilin costs DKK 350 (return trip). These fees must be paid directly to us and not at gas stations.

You may alternatively purchase either a 4 Day Tunnel Pass for DKK 350, which includes unlimited trips through Vágatunnilin and Norðoyatunnilin and a limit of two trips through Eysturoyartunnilin, or a 7 Day Tunnel Pass for DKK 450, which similarly includes unlimited trips through Vágatunnilin and Norðoyatunnilin and a limit of two trips through Eysturoyartunnilin. Any additional trips that are not paid for during the reservation and trips made after the days included in either of the tunnel passes will be subtracted from the deposit.

That’s it. No other hidden costs and no nonsense.

Where Can I Pick Up And Drop Off The Car?

We have two locations: Vágar Airport and  Tórshavn. Please specify the address of pick up or delivery in Tórshavn upon reservation.

Where Can I Find The Car At The Airport?

The point to pick up and drop off the car at Vágar Airport is in the C row at P4.

How Do I Know Which Car To Look For?

You will receive an email containing information about your reservation when you make the reservation and another one with information on the car assigned to you approximately 24 hours prior to the rental period. If you have not received the e-mail after making the reservation, it is likely that you will not receive the second e-mail either. It is therefore important that you check your junk/spam folder. If the e-mail is not there, please get in touch with us by e-mail at or by phone +298 282 583 as soon as possible. The information you receive in the second e-mail will include the type of car, colour and licence plate number. You will also get instructions on how to retrieve the key to the car.

How And When Do I Pay For The Car?

You pay when you make the reservation. However, the amount will only get reserved on your credit card, and is deducted after the rental period (minus the deposit).

How Do I Pay For The Subsea Tunnels?

The subsea tunnel fees must be paid directly to us and not at the gas stations. This payment is made during the reservation, or as a deduction from your deposit.

Can I Return The Car Later Than Agreed Upon?

If you need to extend your car rental period, please contact us as soon as possible and we will try to accommodate your request subject to availability. In the case of late return an additional charge may incur if nothing else has been agreed upon.